School Management Team  2018 / Skoolbestuur 2018
Waarnemende Skoolhoof / Acting Principal : Me. S. Rudd
Adjunkhoof / Deputy Principal : Me. S. Schad
Adjunkhoof / Deputy Principal : Me. S. Rudd
HOD Girls Practical Skills : Me. A. de Beer
HOD Boys Practical Skills : Mr. W. Els
HOD : Me. A. van Deventer
HOD : Mr. M. Venter
HOD : Me. M. Goosen
HOD : Me. M. Palm
HOD : Me. P. Leeuwner
  Waarnemende Hoof / Acting Principal Me. S. Schad
Adjunkhoof / Deputy Principal:
Me. M. Goosen
Departementshoof - Wisk, NW
Me. A. van Deventer
Departementshoof - Opvoedkundige Leiding
Me. A.S. Rudd
Adjunkhoof/ Deputy Principal:
Me. A. de Beer
Departementshoof - Opvoedkundige Leiding
Me. W.H. Bakker
Departementshoof - Dogterssentrums
Mr. W.W. Els
Departementshoof - Seunssentrums
Mr. F.E. Venter
Departementshoof - Opvoedkundige Leiding
Me. P. Leeuwner
Departementshoof - Tale
Me. M. Palm
Departementshoof Junior Klasse
OBK - oriëntering2

Good times and great memories!
18 & 19 June 2015 - The SMT attended the SANASE (South African National Association for Specialised Education) -
Skills and Vocational CAPS Information Sharing Workshop at Carpe Diem School in George.



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